Pioneer Index

Researchers: Sarah Olsen, Linda Kracke, and Gwen Martin

The genealogy sheets are being converted from the old website to this site. Currently, genealogy sheets have been converted through the Geiss Family. The remainder of the genealogy sheets can be found at an “archived” website click here. This is an archived copy of the old website. We are working diligently to copy everything from this copy of the old site to make sure we do not lose any of the information.

Pioneer Names Location
Adams, J.F.  J.F. Adams Descendants 
Umatilla County Pioneers
Adkins, Nathaniel Adkins Family 
Other Pioneers
Alderdman, Hosea and Family Descendants of Hosea Alderman
Stateline Cemetery
Allen, Andrew J. Family Descendants of Andrew J Allen
Old Pioneer Cemetery
Angerman, Arthur and Anna Descendants
Marie Dorion Step #196
Angerman,  Herman and Maude Descendants   (42 pages)
Marie Dorion Step #195
Archer, Joseph W., Sr. Descendants of Joseph W Archer, Sr.
Old Pioneer Cemetery
Armstrong, C. W. C.W. Armstrong Family
Other Pioneers
Ashworth, J.M. Descendants  Part 1  Part 2 (86 pages)
Umatilla County Pioneers
Aspaugh – David, Harriet & J.W. Descendants  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  (141 pages)
Umatilla County Pioneers
Atkins, Samuel Houston Descendants
Other Pioneers 
Atkinson, Napoleon Boneparte Descendants  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3 (123 pages)
Other Pioneers
Babcock, Samuel J. & Melissa Descendants
Marie Dorion Pioneer Steps # 33  
Baddely, Mrs J.A. Descendants
Umatilla County Pioneers
Bailey, Col. W. H. – Retta Webster  Descendants
Other Pioneers  
Ballou, Orlando R. & Elizabeth Boyd Descendants of Aaron Ballou  Part 1   Part 2   Part 3
(143 pages)
Marie Dorion Step #55 and Umatilla County Pioneers
Banks, H. and Martha J. Descendants Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4 (201 pages)
Umatilla County Pioneers
Bannister – George M., J.M., Mary A.  Descendants Part 1  Part 2   Part 3  (142 pages)
Umatilla County Pioneers
Barber, Thomas Y. Descendants Part 1  Part 2  (99 pages)
Other Pioneers
Barker, William Family Descendants of William Barker 
Old Pioneer Cemetery
Barnes, W.A. Descendants  Part 1   Part 2  (94 pages)
Umatilla County Pioneers
Barnett, E.L. Descendants Part 1  Part 2   Part 3   Part 4
(170 pages)  Umatilla County Pioneers
Barney, Nathan Descendants of Nathan Barney
Stateline Cemetery
Barnett, John & Mary Latney World Barnett 
Frazier Genealogy                                         
Barrett, Charles & Jennie Mays Descendants   (77 pages)
Marie Dorion Step #42
Barrett, Jennie E. nee MAYS Descendants of Benjamin Mays  Part 1  Part 2 (94 pages)
Umatilla County  Pioneers
Bartlett, Julius K. Descendants
Umatilla County Pioneers
Beamer, Jacob Family Descendants of Jacob Beamer  
Old Pioneer Cemetery
Beathe, William H. & Barbara Descendants
Marie Dorion Step #56
Beardsley Family Descendants   
See Frazier Family
Beardley, John Descendants of John Beardsley
Frazier Genealogy
Beauchamp Family Descendants
Marie Dorion Step #3
Marie Dorion Pioneer Book P.21
Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area – Page #19
Beck, William J. Descendants   (42 pages)
Umatilla County Pioneers
Beckius, Peter & Mary Henry Descendants
Marie Dorion Step #134
Beeler, J.J. & Martha Descendants  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  (121 pages)
Umatilla County Pioneers
Beeler, Martha Berkley Descendants of Jesse B Berkley
Umatilla County Pioneers
Beeson, Allen Descendants of Allen Beeson 
Bowlus Cemetery
Bennefield, C.W. & W.H.
Umatilla County Pioneers
Bensel, August Ferdinand Descendants
Other Pioneers
Bergevin, Joseph A. & Agnes Descendants (See Louis Bergevin below)
Marie Dorion Step #81   
Bergevin, Louis & Caroline LaFavre Descendants  Part 1  Part 2  (68 pages)
Marie Dorion Step #79
Bergevin, Thomas & Josephine LaFavre Descendants (See Louis Bergevin above)
Marie Dorion Step #80  
Bernard, William H.  Descendants 
Umatilla County Pioneers
Berry, George T. and
Levi L.
Umatilla County Pioneers   Pioneer Trails
Best, Henry Family Descendants of Henry Best  
Old Pioneer Cemetery
Biggs Family  Descendants 
Other Pioneers
Bishop, B.B. & wife Luna Descendants 
Umatilla County Pioneers
Blackburn, Isaac Family Descendants of Zackariah Blackburn  
Old Pioneer Cemetery
Blackler, Russell – Committee Descendants
Marie Dorion Steps # 99
Blakely, James Captain James Blakely and Brownsville, Oregon
Umatilla County Pioneers
Blakely, W.M.  Descendants   
Umatilla County Pioneers
Blalock MD, Nelson G. & Panthea Durham  Descendants 
Pioneer Steps#45 Marie Dorion and the
Trail of the Pioneers Book P.33
Blanchard, A.A. Descendants 
Umatilla County Pioneers
Blazier, Abrahm Family Descendants of Abraham Blazier 
Bowlus Cemetery
Boone, Cyrus Conrad  Descendants 
Other Pioneers
Boothby, H.B. Descendants of Reason Rounds Boothby   Part 1   Part 2
Umatilla County Pioneers
Bottorff, Edwin & Etta W. Swearingten Descendants of Isaac Jefferson Bottorff
Marie Dorion Step #135
Bowlus, Lewis C.H. Descendants 
Other Pioneers   Bowlus Cemetery
Bowmer, H.L. & J.C. Descendants of William Bowmer  
Umatilla County Pioneers
Bunnell, Nancy nee Dougherty Descendants of Nancy Jane Dougherty   
Old Pioneer Cemetery
Boyd, Louisa Descendants of Cary William Boyd 
Umatilla County Pioneers
Brannin Family Descendants of James William Brannin   
Old Pioneer Cemetery
Brassfield, J.W. (John Wilson Brassfield) Descendants of Dennis Michael T Brassfield
Part 1   Part 2 (63 Pages)
Umatilla County Pioneers
Bridgewater, W.W. and Matilda Descendants Part 1   Part 2 (99 pages)
Marie Dorion Step #173
Brinker, Charles & Annie  Descendants
Marie Dorion Step #119
Brody, Charles D. and Mabel A. Descendants
Marie Dorion Step #193
Brody, Sam and Beatrice Descendants
Marie Dorion Step #200
Brown, John Family Descendants of John Brown  
Nancy Jane Brown buried in
Old Pioneer Cemetery
Brown, Walter & Maria C. Fay Descendants 
Marie Dorion Step #16 Marie Dorion …
Pioneers Book p.25
Brown, Elmer E. & William Descendants of James Davis Brown   
Umatilla County Pioneers
Descendants of William George Brown
Broxson, Allen & Sarah R. Sprague Descendants  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  (146 pages)
Marie Dorion Steps #105
Broxson, Harvey M. & Mary J. Descendants  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  (146 pages)
Umatilla County Pioneers
Bryson, Mr & Mrs Mathew A. Descendants  Part 1  Part 2  (66 pages)
Umatilla Pioneers
Bryson, Mr. Charles Kelly  Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Bunch, Charles Descendants of Charles Bunch 
Bowlus Cemetery
Bush, Willis Descendants of William Bush 
Umatilla County Pioneers
Bussell, Burwell W. & Mary S. Morris Descendants
Marie Dorion Steps #102
Butler, Rufus E. Descendants of Benjamin Butler
Umatilla County Pioneers
Campbell, Joseph E. Descendants of Franklin Campbell
Frazier Genealogy
Caplinger, Anna Dora Descendants of Alexander Scott
Umatilla County Pioneers
Caplinger, Jane, S.B. & J.I. Descendants  (54 pages)
Umatilla County Pioneers
Carter Family, Cecil, Ruth, Ray Descendant
Pioneer Step #177
Carter, Robert Amos Robert A. Carter 
Frazier Genealogy
Castle, G.L. Descendants of George L Castle   
Umatilla County Pioneers
Caton, Catherine & Edwin Descendants   
Umatilla County Pioneers
Caup, Michael Descendants of Michael Caup 
Bowlus Cemetery
Caverhill, W.S. – Committee Caverhill Descendants
Marie Dorion Steps #98
Chaistain, William J. & Permelia Bandy Descendants
Marie Dorion Steps # 86
Chapman, Isaac Descendants of Isaac Chapman   
Bowlus Cemetery
Chapman, Robert & Evalena Descendants
Marie Dorion Steps # 47
Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.34
Cheesman, Theodore Arthur Descendants of Jacob Cheesman   
Frazier Genealogy
Christian, Claiburn Perry Descendants of Andrew Christian 
Civil War Veteran IOOF Cemetery
Church, A.C. (Andrew C.) Descendants  Part 1  Part 2  (101 pages)
Umatilla County Pioneers
Church, Mary C. (Andrew’s wife) Umatilla County Pioneer Descendants
Clark, John and Family  Descendants of John Clark
Umatilla County Pioneers
 Clark, John M. Magdalena Hintz Marie Dorion Steps #116 Descendants
Clark, Raymond Family Descendants of Raymond H
Old Pioneer Cemetery
Cobb, Leonard Family Descendants of Leonard D    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Cockburn, Andrew & Rebecca Hunter Marie Dorion Steps # 74 Descendants
Coe, Samuel & Susan Frazier Marie Dorion Steps # 36 Descendants 
Coffman, Joseph & Jane Emmitt Marie Dorion Step #15  Descendants 
Conrad, Thomas J. & Louisa J. Brandenburg Marie Dorion Steps #115 Conrad Family
Coppock, Robert & Emma Descendants of Aaron Coppock
Umatilla County Pioneers
Cornelius, Laura E. LAURA EUGENIA CORNELIUS Ancestors – Frazier Genealogy
 Couch, John B.  Descendants of Elijah W
Civil War Veteran IOOF Cemetery
Crosby, Martha V. Descendants of William Crosby
Frazier Genealogy
Coverdale, Rachel E. Descendants of Zedoc Coverdale, Part 1  Part 2,  


Part 3,     Part 4
Umatilla County Pioneers

Cowl, W.A. Family & Katherine Brown  Descendants of William Cowl


Marie Dorion Step#28Descendants                                                                 History of the Milton-Freewater Area – Page #4

Cox, William Descendants of William CoxPart 2    Part 3
Umatilla County Pioneers
Crabill Family, Christina Conrad Marie Dorion Step #168  Descendants
Craig, William Rowland Descendants of John Craig    Frazier Genealogy
Cramer, William R. Descendants of William R. Cramer    GAR Post 60 – Milton-Freewater, OR
Creighton, J. (John Collins Creighton) Descendants of Thomas Henry Creighton    Umatilla County Pioneers
Crews, J.R. Descendants of R John Crews    Umatilla County Pioneers
Crigler, A.J. Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Crigler, J. & Mary Herndon Marie Dorion Step #40 Descendants
Crissinger or Chrissinger, F.H.   Descendants of John G Chrisinger    Umatilla County Pioneers
Crofutt, Ira J.   Descendants of Albert James Crofutt    Umatilla County Pioneers
Crow, Mathias & Mary Yager Marie Dorion Steps #154  Descendants
Crow, W.P. & Mrs Martha A. nee Brewer Crow Family, Pt. 1    Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6   Part 7,   Endnotes and Sources
Umatilla County Pioneers  CROW BUTTE
Cruttenden, Alfred F. Descendants of Al. F. Crittenden    GAR Member Post 60
Mrs Charles K.(Armilda K.) Darland Descendants of Isaac Darland  Part 1  Part 2  (68 pages)
Also Pioneers
Dausener, John Dausener Family    Other Pioneers
Davis, J.B., & Mrs, & Lucy F. Descendants of Samuel Davis, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
Dehaven, George & Mrs. Descendants of George Washington Dehaven , Part 2
Davis, Rev. David C. Descendants    Other Pioneers
Davis, John Descendants of John Davis, Part 2,  Part 3    Frazier Genealogy
Davidson, John Descendants of Thomas Davidson   Bowlus Cemetery
Demaris, Enoch & Mary Martin Descendants of Johann Thamerus #1,  Part 2,  Part 3,  Part 4
Demaris, Fred & Helen McFadden (see Enoch Demaris) Descendants of JohannThamerus #5Part 6,  Part 7,  Part 8
Demaris, Jacob Descendants of Johann Thamerus#9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12


Part 13,  Part 14, Part 15, Part 16,  Part 17 

Derrick, Andrew Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area – Page #21
Dickerson, Terisha & Clarissa Beamis Descendants, Part 1   Dickerson Family, Part 2                       Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.22
Dickey, Eva Descendants of J. A. Dickey    Frazier Genealogy
Dickey, Harriet A. – Martin, Frank, Jr. Descendants of John A. Dickey      Other Pioneers
Dickson, John L. & Elizabeth  Descendants, Part 1     Part 2      Part 3
Didion, Page Didion Family    Other Pioneers
Diggins, David F. & Anna E. Warfield  Marie Dorion Step #6   Descendants,  Part 2
Disaway, Mary Libby, wife of Israel Clement Disosway Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Dixon, William H. & Ida A. Dickson Marie Dorion Step #111 Descendants of Carrington Dixon
Dixson, William A. & Baldeen Dixon Marie Dorion Step #95  Descendants   Dixson Family Pictures
Dione, Raymond J. & Ruby M. Marie Dorion Steps #152  Dione Family
Dorion, Madame Marie Marie Dorion Steps # 1      Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book Pg 15   Descendants of Pierre Dorion
Dougherty, Isaac Descendants of Martin Dougherty  IOOF Cemetery GAR Civil War Veterans
Drumheller, Jesse  Descendants of Nicholas Lafayette Drumheller    Umatilla County Part 2,  Part 3,  Part 4,  Part 5
Dudley, Eugene A. & Jessie McDonald Marie Dorion Steps # 59  and Umatilla County Pioneers  Descendants , Part 1   Part 2Part 3
Duncan, E.B. & Mrs nee Pinkerton Duncan Family  Part 2
Dupius, J.B. & Mrs and Jr.  Dupius Descendants   Part 2, Part 3,  Part 4,


Part 5,   Part 6

Durham, J.H. Descendants of John Newman Durham    Part 2
Durr, Boston Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Dyer Family, Addison Clark Marie Dorion Step #171  Descendants
Ebbert, Martha Truth, #5 Descendants of James Ebert, Part 2Part 3,  Part 4
Edwards, George & Helen Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area – Page #5
Eifert, Fred and Elizabeth Marie Dorion Step #176  Descendants #1, Part 2
Elam, Martin & Martha Frazier Marie Dorion Steps # 29  #61  #118  Andrew Martin Elam   Frazier Genealogy     Part 2 
Ely, P. and Mrs Descendants of Philologus Ely,    Part 2
Erickson, Carl A. Marie Dorion Step #197 Descendants
Estoup, Michell Marie Dorion Step #163- Descendants
Estes, William Descendants of William Estes  Umatilla County Pioneers
Etling, Fred – Committee Marie Dorion Steps #100  Descendants
Evans, Flora L. Descendants of George W Evans    Umatilla County Pioneers
Evans, Fred & Lily Anderson  Descendants of Fred Evans    Other Pioneers
Farnsworth, Albert Descendants of Thomas Farnsworth    G.A.R.  Post 60 – Milton- Freewater Oregon,  Part 2
 Fawcett, Z.B. Descendants of Zebulon Pike Fawcett  Umatilla County Pioneers
Feigner, Andres Family Descendants of Andreas Feigner    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Fernandez, Cheris Descendants of Walter Fernandez    Frazier Genealogy
Ferguson, Cornelius Smith (C.S.) Descendants, Part 1    Part 2    Umatilla County Pioneers
Ferguson, J.M. & Mary

Moses Ferguson DescendantsPart 2,   Part 3,

Part 4,   Part 5,   Part 6,   Part 7                                                                                                        

Finley, Mrs. Belle nee: Isabelle Derrick

Descendants  #1Part 2,  Part 3,  Part 4

Part 5,   Part 6

Fisher, Henry Descendants of Henry Fisher,    Part 2
Foley, F. Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Fondahn, Peter Family Descendants of Peter Fondahn        Old Pioneer Cemetery
Ford, Nineveh Descendants    Other Pioneers
Fountain, Sarah Hicks Descendants of Matthew Fountain Umatilla County Pioneers
Fox, George Marie Dorion Step #199 Descendants
Fox Samuel Family Descendants of Samuel Fox    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Frakes, J.M. Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Frazier, John B. and Laura Cornelius Descendants of John Beverly Frazier
Frazier, Henry & Lucy Moss  Frazier Family Marie Dorion Steps # 30
Frazier, W. H. & Frances Beardsley Frazier Family Marie Dorion Steps # 31
Frazier, W. S. & Rachel Williams
(Descendants of James Frazier Frazier Family
Marie Dorion Steps # 32; Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.30;Weston History-Umatilla County Pioneers; Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area – Page #4
Frazier, Henry L.  Frazier Family Weston History-Umatilla County Pioneers
Freeman, Max J. Descendants of Max J    Bowlus Cemetery
Freemont, John C. Expedition Marie Dorion Part 2
Fullerton, Fred Descendants    Other Pioneers
Folsom, M.E. Descendants  , Part 2,  Part 3,  Part 4,  Part 5,  Part 6
Furnish, W.J. Descendants of Perrin C Furnish    Umatilla County Pioneers
Furrow, Walter E. Descendants of Walter E    Bowlus Cemetery
Gallagher, J.J., Rebecca E. & T.L. Descendants, Part 2,  Part 3,  Part 4,  Part 5,  Part 6,  Part 7,  Endnotes
Gallaway, M.B. & John Jackson Descendants    Pg 2.  Pg. 3  Pg. 4  Pg. 5  Pg. 6  Pg. 7  Pg. 8   Page 9Endnotes and Sources
Gans, H.   Descendants of Hamilton Gans  Umatilla County Pioneers   GAR Stone River Post #60
Gardner, Isaac & W.R. Descendants of Nelson Gardner    Pg. 2,  Pg. 3  Pg. 4  Pg. 5  Pg. 6  Pg. 7  Endnotes and Sources Umatilla County Pioneers
Garred, Anderson & Elizabeth M. Peck     Descendants     Pg. 2  Pg. 3  Pg. 4  Pg. 5                                           Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.24
Garrett, C.C. Descendants of John Dunlap Garrett,  Part 2,  Part 3,  Part 4,   Part 5
Gay, J.W. Descendants    Part 2,   Part 3  Umatilla County Pioneers
Geiss, Albert C. & Flossie Marie Dorion Steps #137 DescendantsPart 2
Geiss, Peter & Anna Guenther Marie Dorion Steps # 58  Descendants Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.35 (See information for Albert Geiss)
Geiss, Sarah Carol Lieuallen Descendants, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7,    Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Endnotes    
Gerking, E.G., J.N.B., J.O., Lucy and Nancy  Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers                                                        Willis & Gerking Family Pictures
Getchell, Abiel Descendants of Ezekiel Getchell  GAR Civil War Veteran IOOF Cemetery
Gibbons Family, Philip S. Sr. Marie Dorion Step #180 Descendants
Gibson, Horatio & Charlotte Hubler Marie Dorion Steps #122  Descendants of Thomas Gibson GAR Post 60
Gilliland, Thomas Pence/Gilliland, Iris B. Descendants of John W. Gilliland    Century Farm
Givens, S. Edward and Hollie L. Marie Dorion Step #170  Descendants of John Alexander Givens
Good, William A. Descendants of William A Good    Bowlus Cemetery
Goodman, Enos B. & Elizabeth Vincent Marie Dorion Steps #104 Goodman Family
Gordon, Alexander Descendants of Alexander Gordon  Frazier Genealogy
Gordon, John and Lizzie Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Grabner, George Other Pioneers
Graham, Hugh Descendants of Hugh Graham    Bowlus Cemetery
Graham, Porter & Mrs P., Victoria, William Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Greer, Harriett N. Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Henry Grogan and Family Descendants of Henry Grogan    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Holstein, Louis Descendants of Louis Holstein    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Gross, A.G., Annie, Mrs Frances, Harriett N. J.J.  Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Groth, Henry & Mary Seamer Marie Dorion Steps #107Descendants
Guyon, E.F. and Maggie Descendants of Leon John Guyon   Umatilla County Pioneers
Haasch, Julius and Bertha – George J. Haasch Marie Dorion Step #172 * #181 Descendants
Hager, J.M. Descendants of James Hatton Hagar  Umatilla County Pioneers
Hailey, John Descendants of John H Hailey    UmatillaCounty Pioneers
Hamer, Andrew Family Descendants of Andrew Hamer      Old Pioneer Cemetery
Hansell, John S. Family Descendants of John S Hansell     Old Pioneer Cemetery
Hanson, Elizah & Mary Ann Other Pioneers
Harder, Charles & Margaret Marie Dorion Steps # 67 Descendants                                                     Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.38
Harpe, James Family Descendants of James Harpe    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Harris, J.S. & Eliza Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Harris, Higbee & Laura Church Marie Dorion Steps # 21    Descendants
Harris, James & Bertha Marie Dorion Steps # 72  Descendants
Harrison, Jack & Opal Demaris Marie Dorion Steps #157  Descendants
Harstad, Dr. O.T. and Josephine Marie Dorion Step #190  Descendants
Harstad, Dr. William Marie Dorion Ste #191  Descendants
Hart, Lulu Pearl Descendants of Horace Hart    Frazier Family
Hartley, F.M  and Alvira Descendants of Joseph Hartley  Umatilla County Pioneers
Hastings, Jacob P. & Martha Graham Marie Dorion Step #13  Descendants
Hayes, Thomas Jefferson Descendants of George Hayes  GAR Civil War Veterans IOOF Cemetery
Hayes, Sara Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Heater, Eli & Mary L. Ritter Marie Dorion Steps #151   Descendants                                         Pioneer Tales    Eli Heater House
Heidenrich, Lawrence & Cora Babcock Marie Dorion Steps # 76   Heidenrich Family                                                                                            Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.40
Hellberg, Christian & Wilhelmina Eggers Marie Dorion Steps # 68       Descendants      GAR Civll War Veterans
Henderson, Thomas H. Descendants of William H GAR Veteran IOOF Cemetery
Hendricks, D.A.. Descendants of Robert Jackson Hendricks Umatilla County Pioneers
Hendryx, Norman & Susan E. Descendants of Norman Hendryx  Umatilla County Pioneers
Henry, Hiram Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Hewitt, Thomas & Emma C. Marie Dorion Steps #159  Descendants
Hicks, I. Munroe & Dan Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Hill, David Descendants of David Hill    Bowlus Cemetery
Hindman, William C. Descendants of Samuel Hindman    Umatilla County Pioneers
Hobbs, George A. & Alica M. Bernard Marie Dorion Steps #149  Descendants
Hodgen, John & Rachel Smith Marie Dorion Steps # 17  Descendants
Holbrook, Dewitt & Mary J. Wellman Marie Dorion Steps #113  Descendants
Hoon Family Marie Dorion Steps #8      Descendants of Philip Hoon               GAR Stone River Post #60              Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area – Page #19
Hopkins, Stephen H. & Melinda Poff Marie Dorion Step #50 Descendants                                Pioneer Tales
Hopper, Mary E. & Thomas R. Descendants of Benjamin Hopper    Umatilla County Pioneers
Hopson Family Marie Dorion Steps #60  Descendants
Hoskins, Dillon Descendants    Other Pioneers
Hough, Emerson and Ethel Marie Dorion Step #201  Descendants
Howard, Bob & Martha Sams Marie Dorion Steps #133   Descendants
Howard, Roy & Ollie Cockburn Marie Dorion Steps #108  Descendants
Hubbell, Eleanor Wilmot Ella W. Hubbell  Frazier Genealogy
Hubbs, Oland F. & Lydia P. Price Marie Dorion Steps #101  Descendants
Hudson, Seabron & Mary Jane Bristow  Marie Dorion Steps # 85  Descendants
Hughes, John J. & Hannah C. Marie Dorion Steps # 51  Descendants
Humphrey, N.B. Descendants of George Humphrey    Umatilla County Pioneers
Hunter, Henry M. & Jennie Marie Dorion Steps #124  Descendants
Huntley, Cleave and Verna M. Marie Dorion Step #198  Descendants
Hurst, William H. & Elizabeth Van Slyke Marie Dorion Steps # 143  Descendants
 Ingle Family Marie Dorion Steps #161   Descendants
  Early History of Milton-Freewater Area Pg. 4
  Ireland, George & Edith Renick Marie Dorion Steps # 38  (See James Ireland below)
Ireland, James & Sarah Ingle Marie Dorion Step #14 Descendants                                                 Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area – Page #3
Ireland, Mrs S.E. (This is Sarah Ingle above.   Descendants (See Ingle Family.)  Umatilla County Pioneers
Irons, Joseph Family Descendants of Joseph Irons    Bowlus Cemetery
Isaac, A.M. & C.B. Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Jacobs, Nancy A. Osborne Descendants of Josiah Osborne   Umatilla County Pioneers
Jamieson, R. Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Jessee, D.M. Descendants of David M Jessee    Umatilla County Pioneers
Jessee, Roy Umatilla County Pioneers    NO RECORD
Johns, I.M., Mary S., Maurice M. & Mrs. Descendants of Isaiah Morris Johns    Umatilla County Pioneers
Johnson, Ben M. & Pearl Marie Dorion Steps #131   Descendants
Johnson, Lenius C. Marie Dorion Steps #136   Descendants
Johnson, Louis L. & Mary E. Hughes Marie Dorion Steps #114  Descendants
Johnson, J.K. & Mary D. Umatilla County Pioneers  Descendants
Jones, Abraham L. Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Jones, Daniel E. Descendants of Benjamin Jones Civil War Veterans IOOF Cemetery
Jones, Madison & Mary V. Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Keeler, Alva A. Descendants of Carlos Alonzo Keeler Civil War Veterans IOOF Cemetery
KELLY FAMILY Descendants of Mathias Kelly
Kelly, Joseph & Nellie Adkins Other Pioneers    Descendants
Kelly, William H. & Nancy D. Marie Dorion Steps #137 Descendants
Keenan, B. Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Kelty, E.C. Descendants of Cornelius Kelty    Umatilla County Pioneers
Kennedy, J.H. Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Kees, Fannie  (Frances E. Kees) Descendants of Jacob Kees   Umatilla County Pioneers
Kerr, John Foster Descendants    Other Pioneers
Key, William L. Descendants    Other Pioneers
Kilgore, Wiliam J. & William M.  Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Kinnear, Alex & Margaret Hailey Marie Dorion Steps # 64  Descendants
Kinney, Ruben & Elizabeth Sickler Marie Dorion Steps #153  Descendants
Kirk, Lucy Descendants of James Kirk    Frazier Genealogy
Kirby, John Henry Descendants of Joel Kirby    Umatilla County Pioneers
Kirkland, P.M. Descendants of Justinian W Kirkland    Umatilla County Pioneers
Kirkpatrick, Alice Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Knapp, George Family Descendants of George Richard Knapp    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Koonz, J.H. & Mrs. (Cynthia Ann Hiatt) Descendants of Henry Koontz    Umatilla County Pioneers
Kralman, William F. & Arminda Marie Dorion Steps #160  Descendants
Krumbah, Joseph B. & Catherine Murphy Marie Dorion Step #89 Descendants
Krebbs, H. & Mrs. Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Kutch, James  Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
LaDow, W.C., Mrs M.A., F.E., G.I. & Mrs. Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Lamb, Henry D. & Mable Hough Marie Dorion Steps #123   Descendants
Lance, George Family Descendants of George W    Mabel Lance Harper  Old Family Cemetery ??
Leach, David & W.P. Descendants of William P Leach    Umatilla County Pioneers
Lee, John Dale – Bannister – Pinkerton Other Pioneers
Lee, Hiram B. & Sarah E. Moore  Descendants of Richard Lee       G.A.R. Post 60    Other Pioneers
Leedy & Ritter Family Leedy Family    Other Pioneers   Reeder Family
Lewis, E.F. & Susan Umatilla County Pioneers
Lewis, John & Emily Marie Dorion Steps # 62    Descendants                                           Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.37
Lieuallen, J.T., T.A., Margarett, William,  James & Margaret  Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers                                               Lieuallen, James Estate Record.htm
Linville, Elnora Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Locher, George Marie Dorion Steps #120  Descendants
Looff & Yates Family Descendants    Other Pioneers
Luce, John C. Descendants of William Luce    Umatilla County Pioneer
Lucy, M.E. is in error; see below:           Oliver Perry Lacy married Lacy, M.E. (Mary Elizabeth Kerr) Descendants of Jasper Brush Lacy    Umatilla County Pioneers
Luhrs, John Descendants of Herman A Luhrs  Umatilla County Pioneers
Lund Family, Marie Dorion Step #185  Descendants
Lydall Family Descendants of Lyman Lydall    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Lynch, John Alvis Descendants of Isaac Van Tillis Lynch    Century Farm
Maestretti Family Descendants of Fedele Maestretti  Old Pioneer Cemetery
Mansfield, D.H., F.M. & Lizzie   Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
March, Herbert & Elizabeth Lessor  Marie Dorion Steps # 63     Descendants                                          Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.37
Marcy, B.W. Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Marena, Mrs Michael – Mary Ann Smith Descendants of Jared Michael    Umatilla County Pioneers
Wife of Elizah Grant Michael
Martin, William Descendants of William Martin  Umatilla County Pioneers
Mabee, Charles  Descendants of Joseph C Maybee   Umatilla County Pioneers
Mayberry, Scott & Adeline Smith Marie Dorion Steps #132  Descendants
McBean, William & Jane Marie Dorion Steps # 77  Descendants
McBrian, Phillip Descendants of John Ellis McBrian   Umatilla County Pioneers
McBride, Leo Thomas Descendants of William McBride
McBride, Sam Descendants of John McBride    Umatilla County Pioneers
McCarter, John Family Descendants of John McCarter    Old Pioneer Cemetery
McCumber, James Harvey Descendants of James Harvey McCumber    Bowlus Cemetery
McCoy, James Family Descendants  Other Pioneers                                                           Early History of Milton-Freewater Area – Page #3
McCoy, Tom & Margaret Kendall  McCoy Family    Marie Dorion Steps # 5
                                Thomas McCoy and E.O. “Dutch” McCoy Courtesy of Tom McCoy, Grandson.
McDannald, John Thomas and Margaret (Hull) Marie Dorion Steps #164  Descendants
McDonald, Donald & Ellen K. Marie Dorion Steps # 46 descendants                                              Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.33
McDougall, Sarah Umatilla County Pioneers
McElhaney,  James McElhaney Family    Other Pioneers
McEwen Family – Robert & Janet Gallaher Marie Dorion Steps # 54   Descendants
McEwen, John & Eliabeth Millar Marie Dorion Steps # 69  Descendants
McFarland, Jane C. Descendants of James B McFarland    Umatilla County Pioneers
McGrew, Walter and Dalphia Marie Dorion Step #194    Descendants
McKay, W.C. Descendants of Alexander McKay Umatilla County Pioneers
McKenzie, John L. Descendants of Joseph McKenzie  IOOF Cemetery Civil War Veterans
McQueen, Billie & Tillie Marie Dorion Steps # 34 Descendants
McSherry Family – E.J. & Hanna Hibbs Marie Dorion Steps #121  Descendants
Medlock Family Marie Dorion Steps # 10     Descendants                                          Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.24
Megy, Hallory A. & Clara B. Lechleitner Marie Dorion Steps #128  Descendants of Hallory A Megy
Melton, Jess & Flora Pitman Marie Dorion Steps # 26  Descendants                                             Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.29
Michael, George Washington Family Descendants of Philip Michael    Bowlus Cemetery
Miller, Aaron & Samaria Bradfield Marie Dorion Steps #43  Descendants
 Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area – Page #8
Miller, William & Gertie Edwards Marie Dorion Step #44   Descendants
 Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area Pg. 77
Millikin, Hiram & Nancy Medlock Marie Dorion Steps # 7 Descendants                                                Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.23
Mizer, Sherman & Meda Hopkins Marie Dorion Steps #125  Descendants
Moore, Kittie A. Descendants of William Moore    Umatilla County Pioneers
Moorehouse, Thomas, Augusta, Lee, J.O., Eva & Ella  Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Morgan, J.S., Margaret M., Samuel, Martha A., Jerusia Descendants of James S Morgan     Umatilla County Pioneers
Morie, Frederick Jackson Descendants    Other Pioneers
Morris, Thomas Goodman Descendants of Thomas Goodman Morris    Bowlus Cemetery
Morse, Ahira and Family Descendants of Ahira Morse    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Mortensen, Olsen Family Descendants of Morten Olsen Mortensen    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Mosier, Harriett Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Moss, Charles L. Marie Dorion Steps #188  Descendants  Frazier Genealogy
Murphy, Phillip & Bridget Malone Marie Dorion Steps # 22  Descendants                                             Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.28
Murray, Hugh S. & Grace Steen Murray Family    Other Pioneers
Myers, W.H. Descendants of William Henry Myers  Umatilla County Pioneers
Nichols, William & Sarah Spence Marie Dorion Steps #148    Descendants
Nolting, William Frederick family Descendants of Fred Nolting    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Nye, C.W., A.W. & Mrs. A..W. & W.W.(Harriet Jane Switzler – wife of Adam Wirt Nye) Descendants of James Madison Siggle Nye    Umatilla County Pioneers
Nygren, Dr. E. and Elsie Marie Dorion Step #202  Descendants
Obert, Louis (Lewis)   GAR Post 60, Milton-Freewater, OR    Descendants of Louis Obert
O’Brian, James Descendants of James O IOOF Cemetery Civil War Veterans
Ogden, Daniel GAR member of the Stone River Post No. 60
O’Harra, Daniel, Albert & Mrs, Frank & Mrs, John M. & Mrs, Ivan, Clarissa Descendants     Umatilla County Pioneers
Olinger, Jasper & Lydia Mangold Marie Dorion Step #75  Descendants                                               Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.40
Ormsby, John Descendants of Solomon B. Ormsby  GAR Post 60, Milton-Freewater, OR
Osborn, Willis Descendants of Willis Osborn    Bowlus Cemetery
Otto, Charles & Jennie Marie Dorion Steps # 94  Descendants
Overturf, Jim & Ona Marie Dorion Steps #130 Descendants
Owen, Charles Family Descendants  Other Pioneers
Owen, Ozias Family   Descendants of Barnett Owen Other Pioneers Bowlus Cemetery
Painter, W.C. & Carrie Descendants of Philip Charles Painter    Umatilla County Pioneers
Pambrun, Andrew D. & Mary Cook Marie Dorion Steps #146  Descendants
Pambrun, A.D.   Descendants of Andre Dominique Pambrun   Umatilla County Pioneers
Pambrun, Cecil A. Marie Dorion Steps #141
Descendants of Andre Dominique Pambrun
Pambrun, Fay S. & Marie Marie Dorion Steps #139  Descendants of Andre Dominique Pambrun
Pambrun, Pierre & Catherine Humpherville Marie Dorion Steps # 2
Descendants     Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.21
Parent, Frank J. & Edna Thompson Marie Dorion Steps #126 Descendants
Parker, William D. Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Parks, John W. Parks, G.Father-Alvin Parks Marie Dorion Step #186  Descendants
Parks, J.H. Descendants of Peterson Parks    Umatillla County Pioneers
Pearson, Nellie Claire (Rathbone) Descendants of Henry Thomas Pearson Frazier Genealogy
Peavy, George Allen Descendants of Welcome John Peavy IOOF Cemetery Civil War Veteran
Penland, L.E. Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Perkins, Henry B. & Ida L. Marie Dorion Steps # 70 Descendants
Pesciallo, Joe & Elivia Marie Dorion Steps # 97 Descendants
Pettibone, Sherman Pettibone Family    Other Pioneers
Phillips, James Simpson, Samuel Thomas, & James Robert Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Pierce, Nathan Descendants of Nehemiah Pierce   GAR Post No. 60, Milton-Freewater, OR – Umatilla County Pioneers
Pinkerton Family Henry Descendants of David PinkertonPart 2
 (Mary Emily E. Royce)
Pinkerton, Hariet I. Descendants of David Pinkerton    Frazier Genealogy
Piper, Elwood & Myrtle McCabe Marie Dorion Steps #118Descendants   Frazier Genealogy
Piper, John & Verna Elam Marie Dorion Steps # 61        Descendants        Frazier Geneology                                   Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.36
Plimell, John Turley Family Descendants of John Turley Plimell    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Post, W.H. Descendants of John S Post    Umatilla County Pioneers
Powers, W.M. Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Powell, Cyrus & Miriam Ogden Marie Dorion Step #158 Descendants
Powell, Walter & Harriet Marie Dorion Steps #144 Descendants
Prine, Frances Barnett & Eliza Descendants of Rowland S Prine  Umatilla County Pioneers
Price, A.R. Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Price, , J.L. & Mrs, W.S., J.H. T.J. & Mrs Y.C. Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Prine, F.B. & Eliza Umatilla County Pioneers
Proebstel, G.W. & Jr., & Mary A. Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Purcell, Polly J. Umatilla County Pioneers
Purdy, J.B. & S.P. Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Putnam Family Descendants    Other Pioneers
Radabaugh Family Radabaugh Family    Other Pioneers
Rader, William Descendants of William Rader    G.A.R. Post 60
Rambo, Homer Harrison  Descendants      Marie Dorion Steps # 27
Rambo, Lewis Andrus and Sarah  Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Rand, Charles A. and Mabel M. Marie Dorion Step #167    Descendants
Rasmussen Twins Rasmussen Family    Other Pioneers
Ray, Thomas & Sarah C. Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Records Family  Pioneer Trails           Marie Dorion Step #174 Descendants
Rees, Augusta Umatilla County Pioneers
Reid, Thomas C. & Jane C. Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Rieth, Ellen, L., Eugene Descendants of Joseph Rieth    Umatilla County Pioneers
Rencken, Gevert & Catharina Lucken Marie Dorion Steps #129  Descendants
Rencken, Jphn B. & Dorothea Marie Dorion Steps #138   Descendants
Reynolds,  Hattie, Richard, Alvira, & Mrs. George Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Rice, Rosalvo & Nancy E. Marie Dorion Steps #103  Descendants
Richardson, I.N., Henry W., Florence J., Eliza J. Descendants of George Richardson    Umatilla County Pioneers
Ridenour, George & John Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Ringhand, Harry  and Vilene Marie Dorion Step #203  Descendants
Robinson M.S. & Jennie Marie Dorion Steps # 88  Descendants
Rogers, Lowell & Millie Dupius Marie Dorion Step #41 Descendants
Rogers, Melissa Dudley Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Ross, David G. and Family Descendants of David G    Bowlus Cemetery
Rothrock, Lucretia Cox, Wife of Adam Bennett Rothrock Descendants  Umatilla County Pioneers
Roulstone, J.J. Descendants of Nehemiah Roulstone   Umatilla County Pioneers
Rowley, Charles M. Descendants of Charles M. Rowley Umatilla County Pioneers
Russell, William Descendants of Andrew Russell    Umatilla County Pioneers
Saager, Herbert and Wanda Marie Dorion #192 Descendants
Saager, Wm. A. and Lillian (Zietzke) Marie Dorion Step #179Descendants
Saager, Wm. L. and Mary Marie Dorion Step #178Descendants
Saling, Alice, L.E., Melinda, Jesse K. & Frank Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Smalley, David W. Family Descendants of W. David Smalley    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Sample, David Family Descendants of David Sample    Bowlus Cemetery
Sams, Jasper & Della Hudson Marie Dorion Steps #106  Descendants
Sams, Michael G. & Amanda Ruth Marie Dorion Steps # 23  Descendants
Sams, Nathan & Melissa Williamson Marie Dorion Steps # 12  Descendants
Sargent, R. Descendants of Robert Sargent    Umatilla County Pioneers
Saunders, Mabel Edna Mabel Edna Saunders    Frazier Genealogy
Schangle, Sidney Bruce Descendants of Johannes Schenkel    Frazier Genealogy
Schell, A.R. Descendants of George W Schell    Umatilla County Pioneers
Schubert, Jacob & Elizabeth Beucking Marie Dorion Steps # 93     Descendants                                                 and Pioneer Tales
Scott, William H.H./Scott, Joseph Jay Descendants of Andrew Scott    Century Farm
Scott, William M. & Anna D. Descendants of Alexander Scott   Umatilla County Pioneers
Scouten, Isaac Daniel Descendants of Isaac Daniel Scouten   Old Pioneer Cemetery
Schwald, Charles & Margaret Kronenberg Marie Dorion Step #73  Descendants                                                Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.39
Schwandt, Herman & Mary Marie Dorion Steps # 65Descendants
Selling, Benjamin & Mary Descendants of Benjamin Selling  Umatilla County Pioneers
Shaw, Mary Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Sheen, Ida (Sneen) Descendants of Ida Sheen   Frazier Genealogy
Sheets, James Daniel Descendants of James Daniel Sheets    GAR Post 60, Milton-Freewater, OR
Sheffer, J.F. John Franklin Descendants of Nicholas Vance Sheffer
Shields, S.S. & Carrie M.Gibbons Marie Dorion Steps # 90   Descendants
Shipp, Martha Jane Descendants of Josiah Shipp    Frazier Genealogy
Shortridge Family Descendants of George Shortridge    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Shull, A. P. (Schull) Descendants of Jesse W Shull   Umatilla County Pioneers
Shumway, James & Matilda Mock Marie Dorion Steps # 82  Descendants
Sickler, Madison & Mary Cook Marie Dorion Step #78  Descendants
Simmons, Lydia Hugh Family Marie Dorion Steps # 92  Simmons Family
Slover Family Descendants of John Slover     Other Pioneers
Sipe, Noah Isiah Descendants of Jacob Sipe IOOF Cemetery Civil War Veteran
Smith, Adolphus C. Descendants of Adolphus C    Bowlus Cemetery
Smith Frank A. Descendants of Frank A Smith    Umatilla County Pioneers
Smith, Isaac P. Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Smith, James Walker Descendants of Samuel Smith IOOF Cemetery Civil War Veteral
Smith, Mary Elmira Descendants of Elizabeth Jane Boggs    Umatilla County Pioneers
Smith, Ora Estes Descendants of Atchison Smith    Frazier Genealogy
Spence, Andrew & Nancy Ann Letson Marie Dorion Steps # 83  Descendants
Spencer Family Descendants    Other Pioneers
Staggs, Clyde & Mary Ashworth Marie Dorion Steps #66  Descendants  Marie Dorion Pioneer Book pg 38
Staggs, George W. & Mrs, & A. Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers
Stamper, J.C., J.W. & Lizzie Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Standage, J.H. & Cora Descendants of William Standage    Umatilla County Pioneers
Standfield, J.P., Elizabeth & Allie Maud Powers Descendants      Umatilla County Pioneers
Stanton, S.C. & Sarah Descendants of John Stanton   Umatilla County Pioneers
Stark, John and Family Descendants of Thomas Stark    Bowlus Cemetery
Straight, Margarett M.  Descendants of Isaac Strait Straight      Umatilla County Pioneers
Steen, William & Narvesta McAlphin Marie Dorion Steps # 35    Descendants   Umatilla County Pioneers                                                  Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area – Page #5
Stephens, Jessie Descendants of Jessie Stephens    Frazier Genealogy
Stevenson, Colby Family Descendants of Colby Taylor Stevenson    okd Pioneer Cemetery
Stewart, D.I. & Sarah E. Descendants of Eli Stewart    Umatilla County Pioneers
Still, Robert & Margreta Harder Marie Dorion Steps # 52        Descendants                                            Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.34
Stone, E.H. & Mrs, J.N. & Agnes S.    Descendants Umatilla County Pioneers & Pioneer Tales
Stout, Eli Descendants of Ephraim Stout    Umatilla County Pioneers
Summers, Robert and Family Descendants of Robert Summers    Bowlus Cemetery
Stumpf, Phillip And Family Descendants of Phillip Stumpf     Bowlus Cemetery
Sutton, S.T. & Hattie Umatilla County Pioneers
Swaggert, A.L. Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Swaggert, T.J. Umatilla County Pioneers
Swarengen, Maud Umatilla County Pioneers
 Swegle Family Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area – Page #19
Talbert, William & Addie Church Marie Dorion Steps # 37 Descendants 


Part 2 

Tanke Family Descendants     Other Pioneers
Taylor, David, Anna, Cornelia, J.J. Mary A. & T.D. Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Taylor, Ephram Descendants of Ephram Taylor    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Taylor, Horatio and Emily Cross Marie Dorion Steps #166  Descendants
Tellier Family   Descendants of Pierre Le Tellier   Dorion Steps # 3  Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.21
Thomas, Dr. Charles Wallace Marie Dorion Steps # 162    Dr Thomas Family
Thomason, Minnie M. Descendants of J. l. Thomason    Frazier Genealogy
Thompson, Alfred S. Descendants of Alfred S Thompson    Umatilla County Pioneers
Tillard, Samuel & V.W. Descendants of Samuel Tillard    Umatilla County Pioneers
Timmons Family Marie Dorion Steps #183  Descendants
Todd, John M. Descendants of John M  IOOF Cemetery GAR War Veterans
Tolen, E. B. Tolen Family    Other Pioneers
Torgerson, Swen & Mattie Antoneta Marie Dorion Steps # 96   Descendants
Troyer, Adam & Barbara Kime Marie Dorion Steps # 53  Descendants
Turner, Samuel, Harry E., T.W., A.F.,  & Cynthia Ann Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Turner, W. J. Descendants of James Daniel Turner    Umatilla County Pioneers
Utila, Alice Umatilla County Pioneers
Vancil, Robert & Rena Troyer Marie Dorion Steps # 39  Descendants
Vancil, Samuel & Malinda Marie Dorion Steps #155  Descendants
Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.31
VanSlyke, Samuel Other Pioneers   Descendants
VanVranken, Gladys Descendants of Ernest Van Vranken    Frazier Genealogy
VanWinkle, Isaac, L.R. & F.J. Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Vaughn, H.C. Pioneer Trails
Vessey, John Descendants of John William Vessey     Umatilla County Pioneers
Vincent, Joseph & Rachael Lewis Marie Dorion Step #18 Descendants                                                 Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area – Page #18
Vinson, J. S.  Family Vinson.Vliet.Family    Other Pioneers
Vliet, Garret Family Descendants    Other Pioneers
VonDerAhe, Freidrich & Mary Lang Marie Dorion Steps # 48 and #182 Descendants
Walden, J.E. Marie Dorion Steps #175  and Umatilla County Pioneers
Descendants of Ebenezer Walden
Walker, Vincent B. & Frances Marie Dorion Steps #145Descendants
Wallace, John Miller Descendants of John Miller Wallace  IOOF Cemetery GAR War Veterans
Wallace, William & Martha Mitchell Marie Dorion Steps #147Descendants
Wallan, W.P. & Albina J. Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Wallingford, Silas Stoker Descendants of Silas Stoker Wallingford   Old Pioneer Cemetery
Walter, Joseph C. & Harriet Powell Marie Dorion Steps # 87  Descendants
Ward, M.B. & Amelia E. Descendants of Michael Beem Ward


Umatilla County Pioneers

Warfield, Samuel & Jennie Ziegler  Marie Dorion Step #109  Descendants
Warren, R.P. Descendants of Robert P. Warren    Umatilla County Pioneers
Watson, Perry Descendants of Vincent Watson    Umatilla County Pioneers
Watts, A. L. & T. J. Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Weddle, David Dolan Descendants of David Dolan I Weddle  Umatilla County Pioneers
Weimer, Belle B. Marie Dorion Steps #142
Weis, Aaron and Rhoda Nelson Marie Dorion Step #187  Descendants
Wellman, Alfred & Helen Merritt Marie Dorion Steps #112  Descendants
Wells, Eugene & Addie M. Millikin Marie Dorion Steps # 84 Descendants
Wells, Ransom & Delilah Marie Dorion Steps # 19  Descendants                                                   Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.26
Wells, Ransom & Mrs, & C.E. Descendants
West, Joe & Sarah Mizer Marie Dorion Steps # 24  Descendants
West, Samuel Descendants of Samuel West  IOOF Cemetery Civil War Veterans
Westervelt, Simon and Lena Marie Dorion Step #189  Descendants
Westfall, W.H.  (William H.)  Descendants of Francis Marion Westfall  Umatilla County Pioneers
White, David C. Descendants of David C White    Bowlus Cemetery
White, Helen Nora Descendants of Samuel White    Frazier Genealogy
White, Humphrey Family Descendants of Humphrey K White    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Whitely, S. P. 1855 Part of Frazier Family
Whitlach, Mrs. W.A. Umatilla County Pioneers
Willaby, A.J. Descendants of John Willaby    Umatilla County Pioneers
Wilder Family Descendants of Elias Wilder    Bowlus Cemetery
Wilder, James Family Descendants of James Wilder    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Willard, Johnson M. & Martha Marie Dorion Step #20  Descendants                                                Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.26
Willard, Dennis Descendants of Dennis Willard    Umatilla County Pioneers
Williams, B. F. Descendants  Other Pioneers
Williams, J.H. (James H.) Descendants of James H Williams    Umatilla County Pioneers
Williams, Thomas N. Descendants of Thomas N    Bowlus Cemetery
Willis, Artemisia Gerking Descendants of Meshack Willis    Other Pioneers                                           Willis & Gerking Family Pictures
Willis, Mannen  Recollections of a Pioneer of 1854
Wilmot, Richard Family Descendants of Richard Wilmot    Old Pioneer Cemetery
Wilson, J.H. & Armilda Descendants     Umatilla County Pioneers
Wilson, Ora Ann Descendants of James H Wilson    Frazier Genealogy
Winn, Jesse & Anne Taylor Marie Dorion Steps # 49 Descendants                                               Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area – Page #5
Winn, William & Louisa Marie Dorion Steps # 25  Descendants                                             Marie Dorion …Pioneers Book p.29
Winn, William & Sarah S.Bannister Marie Dorion Steps # 25 Descendants
Winn, Anna, William, Ambrose, Douglas & C.A. Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Wonan, ? Marie Dorion Step #204
Wood, Levi and Family Descendants of Levi Wood    Bowlus Cemetery
Woods, Samuel A. Descendants of Samuel Woods  Civil War Veterans IOOF Cemetery
Woodward, David & Family Descendants    Other Pioneers
Woodward, Moses, Mrs Laura & A.T. Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Wormington, M.V. & Hattie A.  Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Wormley, Solomon P.  Descendants of David Wormley  Umatilla County Pioneers
Worthington, Cora (nee Saling) Descendants    Umatilla County Pioneers
Wyeth Family Descendants of John Wyeth    Other Pioneers
Yeakey, William Descendants of Henry Yeakey  Civil War Veterans IOOF Cemetery
York, Jessie & Sarah Key Family Marie Dorion Steps # 71Descendants
Young, G.N. & Mrs.  Descendants of William Fain Young  Umatilla County Pioneers
Young, W.E.  Descendants          Umatilla County Pioneers
Zell, John & Lida R.  Descendants    Other Pioneers (Zell Ditch)
Zerba, John & Julia Blanchard Descendants    Other Pioneers