Pioneer Trails

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A Lewis Bowlus Sketch, Courtesy of the Milton Eagle-1924
The Clark Story, Courtesy of John Zerba
The Hopkins Family, Courtesy of L. E. Hopkins
The Records Family, Courtesy of Ken Records
John Ritter Story, Courtesy of Sarah Olsen
The Schubert History, Courtesy of Mark Schubert
The John Stone Family, Courtesy of H. Clark Lamb
The Frenchtown Story, Courtesy of Clem Bergevin
The Toll Gate Story, Courtesy of Arlie Rouanzoin
The Andrew Cockburn Story, Courtesy of Unknown Author
The Heinrich Brinker Family, Courtesy of Matilda Kuchenmeister Brinker
The Charles Schwald Family, Courtesy of Mrs. Grady Phillips
J. H. Lewis Family, Courtesy of Maggie Lewis Johnson McCrite
The Lowell Rogers Family, Courtesy of Gwendolyn Rogers
Shumway Papers, Courtesy of Harold McConnell
Long Trek By Pioneer, By Matilda Mock Shumway
Crow Butte, Courtesy of DeAnne Bass McGill
The Berrry Story, Courtesy of David Strahan
The Blalock House c.1900, Courtesy of Walla Walla-Historic Homes
Pioneer Doctor Gave Name to Blalock Lake,  By Lee W. Roberts
Munselle-Rhodes Around 75 Years – Courtesy of the Valley Herald
Yellowhawk and other memories of the Area by Mrs Edith Gray
Clarence Walter, Former Chief of Police
Recollections of a Pioneer of 1854, Courtesy
Hank Vaughan, Desperado  Hank Vaughan (external link)
Reminiscences of Oregon Pioneers – Early State Drivers