Early Day History

Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area

Published by the Valley Herald, Inc.
Milton-Freewater, Oregon


Editor’s Note – Our greatest appreciation is extended to the following people who contributed time, effort and material without which this history could not have bee set into print.

W.S. Caverhill
Mrs. R. E. Bean
Vance Orchard
Russel Blackler
C. Bert Miller
1961-62 Umapine History Class
Mr. And Mrs. Dean Beauchamp
Raymond Bevans
George Grimes
Arnold Schubert
Jack Richartz
Virgil Weathers
Phil and Katie Hoon
Cass Weatherman
Ed Burlingame
Johnny Marlott
And many others

Special mention goes to the many families and individuals whose records were so generously made available to those who compiled this history.  Without their cooperation this would have been impossible.

Table of Contents

Our Purpose Transportation
A Word-O-Rama Education
McCoy Family Milton Incorporates
Ireland Family Milton Eagle
Ingle Family Random Recollections
Cowl Family Tollgate History
Frazier Family Umapine History
Edwards Family Hudson Bay Post
Steen Family Burlingame Ditch
Winn Family School & Industry
Demaris Family Vincent Family
Milton Becomes a Town Beauchamp Family
Miller’s Mill Swegle Family
Lumbering Hoon Family
Milton Nursery Company Freewater Founded
Horticulture Freewater Times
Banking Business Early Day Family
Thomas Ruckel Road