What We Do

Since 1983, the Milton-Freewater Area Historical Society has led the effort to permanently preserve and display the history of the Milton-Freewater area. We are dedicated to continuing this work for the benefit of future generations.


The purpose of the Milton-Freewater Area Historical Society is to organize, collect, protect, evaluate and make available to the public the history and artifacts of individual pioneers and families involved in founding the community of Milton-Freewater and the area of the Walla Walla river valley and other history related to the development of the above named land.

“To give credit to the people who did it, and to tell how it was accomplished, this work is directed. — “Early History of the Milton-Freewater Area”


  • In 1984 we opened the beautiful Frazier Farmstead Museum.
  • Fully restored and decorated the 1892 farmhouse to display a turn of the century lifestyle.
  • Organized and cataloged 1000s of artifacts donated by both the Frazier family and other area pioneer families.
  • In 1986 the farmstead was named to the National Register of Historical Places.
  • In 1988 we added a collection of medical equipment and documents from Dr. CW Thomas who practiced medicine in the area starting in the late 1880s.
  • In 1989 we relocated the historic Thomas McCoy cabin to the museum grounds.
  • In 1997 we hosted the Smithsonian’s Barn Again tour in our historic 1918 barn.
  • From the beginning we have been compiling genealogical information for numerous local families.