Restroom Building Project

Tired of having to use the Porta-Potty at Frazier Farmstead Museum events? We agree! We are currently working to gather funds so that we can build a permanent ADA compliant Restroom Facility! These restrooms will enable us to expand on the utilization of the Museum and promote Museum awareness through special programs and events. We want to use the Museum property to provide programs for the local school children so that they can be exposed to the rich history of our area.

The restrooms will also make it easier to host weddings and other large group gatherings. This in turn will help us generate operating expense revenue. We have hired a local architect and picked out the construction company who will be helping us bring this project to fruition. We will also be applying for grants to help with the funding. We hope to start construction in the spring of 2019.

How you can support this project:

Send a donation to:  Frazier Farmstead Museum,  P.O. Box 764, Milton-Freewater, OR  97862