Restroom Building Project

UPDATE:  Winter 2019-20: – Permits in hand! Construction started!

Thanks to the individuals and organizations listed below, we have raised the full amount of the cost of constructing  permanent outdoor restrooms! We have hired Ketelsen Construction to complete the project.  Construction has just begun – late September!

This ADA Compliant Restroom Facility will enable the Frazier Farmstead better serve the visitors to the Museum and allow us to host large groups such as school field trips and our seasonal festivals.

A BIG Thank You goes to:

  1.  Umatilla County Economic Development Grant
  2.  Wildhorse Foundation
  3.  Tracy Clark
  4.  Clark Foundation
  5.  Wayne & Gladys Valley Foundation Grant
  6.  Sherwood Trust Foundation Grant
  7.  Community Donations of over $20,000                                                                                                                                 As of 1/14/2020